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Somewhere Between Reasonable and Crazy

The very touching Netflix movie, Marriage Story, provides an unusually realistic depiction of divorce dynamics. I particularly appreciate the portrayals of the spouses and their eight year-old son, reflecting the complexity of their conflicts and their ambivalences.  Both spouses are decent people – and both have their foibles.  They struggle with the tension between caring … Continue reading Somewhere Between Reasonable and Crazy

Three Easy Pieces

This post channels 60% of Jack Nicholson but without the chicken salad sandwich. It describes three short pieces that you might want to use in courses or continuing education programs. Overcoming Roadblocks to Settlement The first is an article entitled Overcoming Roadblocks to Reaching Settlement in Family Law Cases published in Family Advocate, the magazine … Continue reading Three Easy Pieces

Mashburn on Mediation in Open Adoption Cases

Probably like most faculty who read this blog, at my school, we are very proud of our students (or most of them, anyway).  We want to let people know of their good work, so we are highlighting some of their publications in our Journal of Dispute Resolution. I am starting with an excellent comment by … Continue reading Mashburn on Mediation in Open Adoption Cases