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My Appreciation – Part 2

I was very touched by all the congratulations and the ceremony at the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution conference where I received the award for outstanding scholarly work. My good friend, Susan Yates, received the D’Alemberte Raven Award at the conference, and she gave these very thoughtful remarks.  She described a series of “small” acts … Continue reading My Appreciation – Part 2

Appreciating Elayne Greenberg’s Scholarship

Because scholars have academic freedom, we can write about anything we want, without direction by deans or clients.  So our choice of topics and perspectives is a good indicator of what we really care about. Over the years, I was struck by the eclectic mix of subjects that Elayne Greenberg wrote about.   A common thread … Continue reading Appreciating Elayne Greenberg’s Scholarship

Humor Theory and Dispute Resolution

Who knew that humor theory was a thing?  Philosophical theory, no less. I sure didn’t. Not until I took Audible’s “Great Course,” Take My Course, Please!  The Philosophy of Humor, taught by Gettysburg College Philosophy Professor Steven Gimbel. When I stopped teaching courses, it left a lotta empty time on my hands.  So I decided … Continue reading Humor Theory and Dispute Resolution

My Appreciation – Part 1

I am very honored to receive the ABA Dispute Resolution Section’s award for outstanding scholarly work this year – and all the congratulations from friends and colleagues in our field. It is particularly flattering considering the great number of folks in our community who deserve recognition for their valuable scholarship and other important work. This … Continue reading My Appreciation – Part 1

Len Riskin Pulls It All Together in Managing Conflict Mindfully

I had the good fortune to be Len Riskin’s colleague from 2000, when I arrived in Missouri, until he moved to the University of Florida in 2007. He now is a Visiting Professor of Law and Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Center on Negotiation, Mediation, and Restorative Justice at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law … Continue reading Len Riskin Pulls It All Together in Managing Conflict Mindfully

What I’m Reading – Thanks for the Feedback

Legal academics and practitioners are professional feedback givers and receivers.  Of course, faculty constantly give feedback to students – and also to colleagues.  Faculty are frequently evaluated for hiring, promotion, and tenure decisions as well as about their publications and presentations, funding requests, and lots of other things. Practitioners regularly provide clients with feedback, often … Continue reading What I’m Reading – Thanks for the Feedback