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We welcome you to Indisputably, a blog devoted to linking dispute resolution scholarship, education, and practice.  We are excited to have an online conversation with colleagues in dispute resolution and those who find their fields overlapping with ours.  We all differ in our backgrounds and dispute resolution focus, and we hope to showcase those differences with running commentary on the latest work in arbitration, mediation, negotiation, and other dispute resolution processes.  At the same time, we are similar in our desire to engage in dialogue that is both scholarly and practical, to dig into the empirical work that is relevant to dispute resolution, and to reflect on the reality of dispute resolution in action, for better and for worse.

We will be posting on a regular basis, and we hope that you will add to the richness of this blog by sharing your reactions and comments. Point us to great articles, interesting cases or programs, new research, or even something funny.  And so, we look forward to the adventure of blogging and invite you to join us on this journey.

We also expect this blog to serve as a home for the numerous other resources available in dispute resolution. The links we provide will highlight law school programs, conferences, research sites, and teaching resources available through many other productive colleagues.

For a little more background on the blog, here is our story:  In 2007 as blogging became a new way of communicating about news, events, scholarship, and programs, several of us noticed that the field of dispute resolution had not yet created its own blog to serve our particular audience of dispute resolution teachers and practitioners.  Inspired by a good friend who created a blog for corporate law, Andrea reached out to colleagues Sarah Cole, Michael Moffitt and Nancy Welsh who all agreed that this was a good idea!  (And Marquette Law School graciously hosted the blog, now hosted at Cardozo School of Law.)

Our merry band expanded quickly to include Art Hinshaw, then Jill Gross, Cynthia Alkon and Jen Reynolds.  More recently, we have added Kelly Browe Olsen, Hiro Aragaki, and Sukhsimranjit Singh as contributors.  In the meantime, John Lande joined first as a prolific contributor in 2014 and now as an editor of the blog as well.  With our new redesign in 2023, the ever-talented Colin Rule also joined us as an editor.  We are excited to continue to build our community.

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  1. Hello. I am a lawyer since 1983 and a mediator since 2000. I am delighted to share with this group experiences and comments about DR in Costa Rica.

    Rosa Abdelnour

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