New Book on Family Conflict During a Pandemic

Michael Lang and Peter Nicholson edited a book, Family Conflict During a Pandemic:  Stories of Struggles and Hope.  It is a collection of short contributions, including stories, essays, poetry and art work by 93 people from 17 countries including pieces in 9 languages.  The pieces are organized in four sections:

  • Authors explain how they and their families have been a­ffected by the pandemic
  • Stories by mediators that describe the struggles their clients faced in the pandemic
  • Stories that illustrate the resilience of couples and families in the pandemic
  • Programs that provide help with psychological, legal, mediation, and housing matters

Everyone involved in the book has contributed their time so that all the proceeds are donated to international non-profit groups providing services to families helping with problems such as famine, hunger and food insecurity.

The book is available on Amazon.  The e-book is free and the print version costs $15.

Take a look.

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