Webinar Recording About Transitioned Classes and Online Simulations

From OFOI Noam Ebner:

Hi all,

The video of the webinar that Sharon Press and I gave last week on conducting simulations in courses transitioning to Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms is now available here.  The question about setting up breakup rooms in zoom in advance, asked at about minute 29:00 in the webinar, is answered here.

Feel very welcome to view and to share.

Once again, our thanks to the ABA’s Section on Dispute Resolution for hosting the webinar!

A few further resources:

Here’s the essay we mentioned in our talk.  It discussed the issues covered in this webinar and includes links and resources to material you can use in your course:  Pandemic Pedagogy II: Conducting Simulations & Role Plays in Online, Video-Based, Synchronous Courses.

For a basic intro to teaching online with Zoom, here is the Mitchell Hamline Best Practices for Online Teaching program mentioned in the webinar.

For a basic intro to “What do I need to consider while transitioning courses online?” read ‘Next Week, You Will Teach Your Courses Online’: A Reassuring Introduction to Pandemic Pedagogy.

In general, you can find material on negotiating and mediation online, essays on negotiation and mediation pedagogy, and simulations to use for teaching online negotiation and mediation, on my SSRN page.

It was such a thrill to see so many of you online! I hope the webinar, live or recorded, and this further material helps you to weather the transition and the semester.

Best of luck to all, and stay well.


Noam Ebner
Professor of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (NCR) Program
Creighton University, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

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