Teaching Online SSRN paper

As John Lande posted, Noam Ebner and Sharon Press hosted their terrific ABA SDR Zoom tutorial today on teaching mediation and negotiation online. It should be up soon at the ABA DR website. In the meantime Noam sent this around and said I could post it:

Hi all,

Sharon Press and I send our thanks to everyone who showed up, participated, asked questions, contributed information, and supported each other in today’s online session on conducting simulations in online-transitioned classrooms, hosted by the ABA-DR. It was so good to connect, in these hectic times!

We hope that a video of the session will become publicly available soon, and will share it around when it does.

For now, Sharon and I have written an essay covering much of the material we discussed today (and, some material that goes beyond it!), including expansions and links to related material. If you are planning on using simulation in your online-transitioned course, check out Pandemic Pedagogy II: Conducting Simulations and Role Plays in Online, Video-Based, Synchronous Courses.

Take good care, everyone. And, I’ll go ahead and say it: In a world of meetings I’m not sorry are canceled, events I’m not sorry to miss out on, and places I’m quite happy to avoid -social distancing from this group sucks.


Also here’s another link to the ABA DR site where the webinar will be posted.


The Section of Dispute Resolution plans to record these programs and make the recordings available as a public service. If you missed last Monday’s program with Susan Guthrie, here is the link to our new RESOURCE page where we’ll be posting all our future programs dedicated to Online Dispute Resolution.