Basics of Mediation and Arbitration with Zoom

I am posting, with permission, an email from CPR’s Richard Murphy with information from a great webinar that Tom Valenti did for CPR about using zoom for mediation and arbitration.  As time goes on, I’m sure there will be more programs about how to take advantage of video and other technological capabilities to enhance the quality of the interactions.

As you can see, it includes notes from the training as well as a link to Tom’s Dropbox.


Thank you for attending the recent CPR webinar, ADR in the Time of COVID-19: How Neutrals and Advocates Can Use Zoom Professional for Mediations and Arbitrations presented by Thomas Valenti, member of CPR’s Panel of Distinguished Neutrals.

 A video recording of the webinar is available on CPR’s website here.  You will also find notes of the webinar attached to this email. In addition, you can access the materials Tom referenced during the webinar via this link to Tom’s Dropbox, which include:

  • The PowerPoint presentation
  • The arbitration demo from the presentation
  • The ICCA-NYC Bar-CPR Cybersecurity Protocol
  • Links and useful information for Zoom
  • Links to different accessories to optimize remote working
  • Mediator Tips for Online Mediation
  • Online Mediation Simulation
  • Zoom Blog Safety Tips
  • Zoom Cheat Sheet
  • Zoom Security White Paper

*Please note that CPR is circulating these resources for informational purposes only and does not endorse the use of any particular platform. A list of platforms for the secured exchange of documents and video conferencing in ADR proceedings can be found here. CPR encourages all participants to ensure that any platform they use offers adequate cybersecurity protection and complies with applicable data protection laws and confidentiality rules. Please refer to CPR’s Data Security webpage for information on cybersecurity protocols and best practices to keep your data secure.

As the ADR world continues to evolve in light of COVID-19, we want to direct everyone to a new page on the CPR website called ADR in the Time of COVID-19, where we will continue to post resources on adapting to the pandemic for our community.

Stay healthy!



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