Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Mediation Skills

This short article uses Real Practice Systems (RPS) theory to identify things that mediators can do to improve their mediation skills.

Mediators can begin by recognizing that they have a complex mediation practice system if they mediate regularly.  The article includes links to a short video and articles to help them understand their unique systems.

Using these insights, they can complete a self-assessment questionnaire and take advantage of the RPS Menu of Mediation Checklists to tailor their own checklists to fit their practices. 

Mediators can continuously improve by participating in ongoing educational practice groups.

Although the article was published in the AFCC Newsletter, mediators can take advantage of these ideas when mediating any type of case.

The article is oriented to practicing mediators, but it includes a link to information about how teachers and trainers can incorporate these ideas and materials in their work.

Take a look.

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