Gadzooks!  Even More LIRA Videos!  And Coming Attractions!

I continue to produce videos related to the LIRA book, which you might be interested in, possibly for use in courses.  As I produce more videos, I add them to the full collection in this post, which you might want to bookmark.

Here are the latest videos:

Mediating with LIRA. University.  $49.  August 2020.  50 minutes.

They Should Call It Negotiation School, Not Law School.  Presentation for Becky Jacobs’s ADR Course.  This discusses the hidden curriculum that mostly ignores clients and negotiation, and it provides a general introduction to negotiation with practical advice.  University of Tennessee.  The presentation goes over this powerpoint, which includes links for more detail and which you can distribute to students.  September 2020.  39 minutes.

Example of Simple Framework for Estimating BATNA Values and Developing Bottom Lines.  Presentation for Becky Jacobs’s ADR Course using a hypothetical tort case to illustrate calculations of BATNA values and bottom lines.  September 2020.  18 minutes.

Jeff Trueman’s Study on Nightmares of “Positional” Tactics in Mediation.  This links to a blog post summarizing Jeff’s excellent study of difficult mediations, including a link to the study and a video conversation about it.   October 2020.  50 minutes.

Conversation About LIRA with Brazilian Study Group.  This conversation with Amannda Rodrigues, Pedro Pires and Pedro Freitas in the Study Group on Mediation and Negotiation at the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (GEMNCast) covers various issues related to LIRA.  October 2020.  63 minutes.

Coming Attractions

I will give some talks in the coming weeks.  So take a break, procrastinate a bit, and participate in these conversations.

How to Combine “Positional” and “Interest-Based” Negotiation and “Facilitative” and “Evaluative” Mediation.  University of California-Hastings Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution “Lunch and Learn” Series.  October 28, noon PT, 1 MT, 2 CT, 3 ET.

They Should Call It Negotiation School, Not Law School.  With Peter Robinson and Sukhsimran Singh.  Pepperdine Caruso School of Law Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.  November 10, 1 PT, 2 MT, 3 CT, 4 ET.

Fox Valley Technical College Continuing Legal Education Conference.  I will give the keynote, Getting Better Results for Clients in Negotiation (12:30 CT), and lead a breakout session, Challenges in Dealing with Clients and Counterpart Lawyers (1:45-2:45 CT) on November 13.  There is a modest fee.

Helping Disputing Parties Make Decisions About What’s Really Important.  Association for Conflict Resolution of Greater New York and CUNY Dispute Resolution Center at John Jay College.  December 3, 5:30 am PT, 6:30 MT, 7:30 CT, 8:30 ET.  There will be a social hour for a half an hour before the program, which will last 90 minutes.  I will provide the link to the program when it is available.