LIRA Videos

This post collects several videos about the litigation interest and risk assessment (LIRA) techniques described in the book that Michaela Keet, Heather Heavin, and I wrote about the subject.  The videos may be of interest to academics, practitioners, and students.  The videos may be useful as resources used asynchronously in courses.

Litigation Interest and Risk Assessment.   This is a brief background and summary of the book.  Michaela Keet, Heather Heavin, John Lande.  University of Saskatchewan College of Law.  September 2019.  4 minutes.

How to Help Your Clients Make Good Decisions Using Litigation Interest and Assessment Techniques.  This is a recording of our presentation at the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Annual Conference.  It includes a detailed summary of the book and conversation with members of the audience.  Michaela Keet, Heather Heavin, John Lande.  May 2020.  1 hour, 22 minutes.

Conversation Between F. Peter Phillips and John Lande.  This is an in-depth discussion of issues related to LIRA techniques.  New York Law School.  June 2020.  53 minutes.

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