Published Versions of Tower of Babel Symposium Articles

Here are the published versions of the articles from Missouri’s symposium last year, Moving Negotiation Theory from the Tower of Babel Toward a World of Mutual Understanding.

Clicking on the titles below will take you to the abstracts with more information for most of the articles as well as a link to the articles themselves.

Moving Negotiation Theory from the Tower of Babel Toward a World of Mutual Understanding by John Lande.  (Click here for the conclusion, which synthesizes insights from the symposium.)

The Definition of Negotiation: A Play in Three Acts by Andrea Kupfer Schneider, Noam Ebner, David Matz and John Lande.  (See also this blog post.)

Using the Terms Integrative and Distributive Bargaining in the Classroom: Time for Change? by Rishi Batra

How to Learn About Negotiation from Full-Length Descriptions of Real Events by David Matz and Adrian Borbély

Building Theory from Real Life Negotiations by John Lande

Novel Negotiation by Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff

Should they Listen to Us? Seeking a Negotiation / Conflict Resolution Contribution to Practice in Intractable Conflicts by Sanda Kaufman, Christopher Honeyman and Andrea Kupfer Schneider

Negotiation is Changing by Noam Ebner  (See also this blog post.)

A “Grand” Unified Negotiation Theory… in Context by Adrian Borbély, Noam Ebner, Christopher Honeyman, Sanda Kaufman and Andrea Kupfer Schneider

On the Forming of Unified Field Theories by Noam Ebner

In addition to the articles, the symposium has generated other resources for scholars, teachers, and students, including:

An annotated reading list

Virtual book club conversations discussing the readings (which are great reading assignments)

Videos of the symposium sessions

In addition to the symposium articles, the Journal of Dispute Resolution published the following comments:

Arbitration for the “Afflicted” — The Viability of Arbitrating Defamation and Libel Claims Considering IPSO’s Pilot Program by Emma Altheide

Sharia Law and International Commercial Arbitration: The Need for an Intra-Islamic Arbitral Institution by George Khoukaz

Arbitration Clause Issues in Sharing Economy Contracts by Carissa Laughlin

Don’t Pull the Plug on Bioethics Mediation: The Use of Mediation in Health Care Settings and End of Life Situations by Amy Moorkamp



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