Negotiation Symposium Virtual Book Club

Regular readers undoubtedly recall that Missouri’s DR Center will hold a symposium on October 7 entitled, “Moving Negotiation Theory from the Tower of Babel: Toward a World of Mutual Understanding.

I am taking advantage of this opportunity to read more deeply and widely about negotiation by reading the things on using a diverse list suggested by our speakers.  I have been in this field quite a while and read a lot, including intense years as a graduate student, but what I haven’t read would fill a library.

I have posted a series of conversations with symposium speakers about the readings they suggested to serve as a kind of virtual book club.

Although these posts would be no substitute for reading the publications themselves, they provide a good introduction and can help you decide what you would like to read yourself.

I encourage you to join the book club with any comments that you might like to make.

Each post is linked below so that this post serves as an index of all the posts.

Conversation with David Matz About Lee Blessing’s Walk in the Woods

Conversation with Roy Lewicki About Key Issues in Negotiation

Conversation with Rafael Gely About Walton and McKersie’s A Behavioral Theory of Labor Negotiations

Conversation with Sanda Kaufman About Decision-Making

Conversation with Sanda Kaufman About Schelling’s Strategy of Conflict

Conversation with Sanda Kaufman About Raiffa’s Art and Science of Negotiation

Summary of Classics on Interest-Based Negotiation

Conversation with David Matz About Lande’s Framework for Advancing Negotiation Theory

Conversation with Chris Honeyman About Conflict Prevention

Conversation with Adrian Borbély About Organizational Negotiation

Summary of Michelle LeBaron’s Articles About Culture and Negotiation Theory

Summary of Michelle LeBaron’s Suggested Readings About Understanding Different Worldviews

Conversation with Sanda Kaufman about Wheeler’s Art of Negotiation

Conversation with Sanda Kaufman about Kahneman’s Book, Thinking, Fast and Slow

Conversation with Andrea Schneider About Her Skills Paradigm Article

Conversation with Linda Putnam About Communication in Negotiation

Conversation with David Matz About Lawrence Wright’s Thirteen Days in September

Conversation with David Matz About David Grossman’s To the End of the Land

Conversation with Rishi Batra About “The Half Life of Facts”

Summary of Negotiation Frameworks

One thought on “Negotiation Symposium Virtual Book Club”

  1. Thank you for the reading list. I also assigned my mediation students at Straus “View from the middle of the road: a mediator’s perspective on life, conflict and human interaction”, written by me (Jan Frankel Schau) and published in 2013 by Author House (available on Amazon). I’d be delighted to have it added to your reading list and reviewed by other academics. My students enjoyed reading the real stories of mediations. Happy reading!

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