Great Bibliography of Recent Empirical Research on ADR

From TFOI Jim Coben:

Dear Colleagues,

Beginning in summer 2013, Donna Steinstra and I have co-edited Research Insights, a regular column in the American Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Magazine (DRM).  Twice a year we choose 10-12 empirical research studies relevant to ADR professionals and publish the citation and abstract.  To compile the longer list from which we choose our subset for publication in the column, we’ve cast a fairly wide net looking for published research in a variety of fields, including social psychology, cognitive science, consumer research, law, economics, sociology, and political science. We know we haven’t captured every study published in the last five years, but the current list has grown quite large – now just short of 300 entries.

We’re hoping you (and/or your students) might find our list helpful for your own research, teaching/training, and writing projects. In the attached pdf, we’ve organized them by topic (and within topic, by year published [most recent first]), providing citation, the published abstract, and the DRM issue in which the abstract was published. We’ll be updating the list twice a year (you can always find the most current version on the Mitchell Hamline Dispute Resolution Institute website.  In the meantime, if you notice a relevant empirical research study that we’ve omitted, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list.  Thanks!


James R. Coben

Professor of Law and Senior Fellow

Dispute Resolution Institute

Mitchell|Hamline School of Law

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