Virtual Symposium on Evidence in International Arbitration

From my colleague, S.I. Strong:

I wanted to let you know that Young OGEMID (a listserve for junior specialists in international arbitration) is holding its third “virtual” symposium, this time on evidence in international arbitration.   Virtual symposia are conducted entirely by email, so you can follow it as closely as you want (or not), and are very interactive, in that you can pose questions directly to the speakers.

The discussion should cover both theoretical and practical issues and features a number of experienced practitioners and academics who will address a number of intriguing issues.   YO is open to young persons (pre-tenure professors, pre-partner practitioners, and law students) and is free to join.   Information on how to join is included below.   Feel free to sign yourself up if you qualify or to pass this email on to those who might be interested.

“Prove It!  Evidence in International Arbitration”

6-15 June 2016

Young-OGEMID’s third virtual symposium discusses issues relating to the taking and presentation of evidence in international arbitration.   Speakers with connections to multiple jurisdictions (Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico and the United States) discuss various issues of practical interest (such as how to present evidence in opening arguments and at the hearing and how to use a Redfern Schedule) as well as those of theoretical concern (such as the proper way to conceptualize evidence in international arbitration as well as how evidence in international arbitration measures up to evidence at the International Court of Justice).

The symposium will start on June 6th 2016.

Young-OGEMID is a free listserv associated with the Transnational
Dispute Management law journal for Students and (junior) Associates – you can apply for your free membership by clicking here.


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