Photo Album – 2003

As promised, this album has lots of shots.  It includes photos from the AALS meeting in Washington DC in January, the ABA conference in San Antonio, a symposium at Dickinson Law School in April, an AFCC conference in Ottawa in May, and the ACR conference in Orlando in October.   I took a road trip out west in July and visited with friends in Colorado.   Carrie Menkel-Meadow visited Missouri in March and IAM honored Len Riskin in St. Louis in May.  Donna Stienstra regularly came to speak at our classes in the fall and there’s a shot of her with officials from the US District Courts in St. Louis and Kansas City.

Here are shots from the AALS meeting.

aals dr sec.

Standing:  Hal Abramson, Michael Colatrella, Ellen Deason, Lisle Baker, ?, Bob Ackerman, Jim Alfini.  Seated:  Jim Coben, Susanne Schmitz, Gerry Williams, three people I don’t recognize then, Steve Ware

100_0033 AALS 03 dinner

John Wade, Jim Coben, Jim Levin, Lisa Blomgren Amsler

100_0030 Carrie, Jack, & Len

Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Jack Himmelstein, Len Riskin

100_0034 Jackie & Jon

Jackie Nolan-Haley, Jon Hyman

Now shots from the ABA conference.

168_6871 Frank, Chris, Grace 1

Frank Sander, Chris Honeyman, Grace D’Alo

168_6876 singing DR women 2

Carol Izumi, Jackie Nolan-Haley, Suzanne Schmitz, Bobbi McAdoo

168_6851 Homer, Sandra, Chris 1

Homer LaRue, Sandra Cheldelin, Chris Honeyman

168_6892 Mi Tierra dinner 3

Standing:  Nancy Welsh, Suzanne Schmitz, John Lande.  Seated:  Ellen Deason, Carol Izumi, Grace D’Alo

lande9-R1-10 Lela & Jack

Lela Love, Jack Hanna

168_6848 Rachel Wohl

Rachel Wohl

168_6879 John & Frank

John Lande, Frank Sander

168_6877 Jim & Lela

Jim Coben, Lela Love

178_7849 man & women at WH

This was actually taken after a conference planning meeting in Washington DC.   Lela Love, John Lande, Gina Brown

Here are shots from the symposium at Dickinson Law School.  There was a square dance in a barn at night, which was pretty chilly, so people in some of the shots are wearing winter coats.

169_6952 Dickinson group

Nancy Welsh, David Michael, Homer LaRue, Marvin Johnson, Sharon Press, Grace D’Alo

169_6968 Jeff

Jeff Senger

169_6972 Ethical Lunch

Brad Honoroff, Kirk Emerson, Howard Herman, Tim Hedeen, Charlie Pou

169_6956 David n Donna

David Michael, Donna Stienstra

169_6955 Cindy

Cindy Savage

169_6966 Jon & Roger

Jon Hyman, Roger Wolf

169_6950 Terry n Tim

Terry Amsler, Tim Hedeen

These are shots from the AFCC conference.

170_7062 Julie & Woody

Julie Macfarlane, Woody Mosten

171_7124 Elayne at 18

Elayne Greenberg

171_7117 Kelly o tulips

One of my favorite shots of all time.  Kelly Olson

Here are shots from the ACR conference.

178_7888 Jim, Josh, Jon, Ellen, Lela

Jim Alfini, Ellen Waldman, Josh Stulberg,  Lela Love, Jon Hyman

179_7928 Sharon's Mary Parker Follett Award

Sharon Press receiving the Mary Parker Follett Award

179_7924 Lou & Rachael

Lou Gieszl, Rachel Wohl

179_7939 Ron & Becky

Ron Kelly, Becky Magruder

179_7917 Peter Adler

Peter Adler

178_7901 Minnesota mafia plus Bernie

Jim Coben, Bernie Mayer, Nancy Welsh, Bobbi McAdoo

178_7896 Zena & John

Zena Zumeta, John Lande

178_7875 Jim, Sharon, Janice

Jim Alfini, Sharon Press, Janice Fleischer

179_7914 Ramona, Jon, Roger

Ramona Buck, Jon Hyman, Roger Wolf

179_7991 magical day

Are you having a magical day?

Here are shots from Carrie Menkel-Meadow’s visit to Missouri.

168_6810 Carrie's Dinner 2

Jim Levin, Art Hinshaw, Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Sylvia Lazos, Jean Sternlight

168_6807 Jean & Carrie

Jean Sternlight, Carrie Menkel-Meadow

Here’s a shot of Jeff Krivis giving an IAM award to Len Riskin

170_7039 Len's IAM award

Here are shots from a visit to Colorado

IMG_7290 Christie & Flat Irons

Christie Coates in front of the Flatirons

IMG_7302 Scott & John

Scott Peppet, John Lande

IMG_7284 Julie

Julie Macfarlane

And a shot of Jim Woodward, Donna Stienstra, and Kent Snapp

180_8064 Jim, Donna, Kent


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