Photo Album – 2004

This photo album is relatively small but I will make up for it in the 2003 album.  This includes shots from the ABA SDR conference in New York City as well as a shot from a Cardozo symposium in NYC on what I call the “phenomenon known as the vanishing trial” in December.   Peter Adler visited my school in Missouri in March.  And there’s a photo of my former dean and director of our DR Center, Tim Heinsz, who tragically died less than a month after this picture was taken.  Tim was a highly-respected labor and arbitration scholar and a beloved figure at my law school.  This photo was from an event honoring him.

We’ll start with the ABA conference.

185_8567 many law profs

Seated:  Susanne Schmitz, Ellen Waldman, Bobbi McAdoo, Lisa Blomgren Amsler, Jim Stark, Carol Liebman, Jon Hyman.  Standing:  Doug Frenkel, Dwight Golann

185_8515 Family law cabal

Jay Folberg, Jennifer Rosato Perea, Herbie DiFonzo, Peter Salem, Andy Schepard

Here’s a shot from a dinner following the Cardozo symposium.  I don’t know some of the people in the shot but I list the people I do know.

197_9786 Cardozo dinner

Standing:  Bruce Meyerson, Hal Abramson, Tom Stipanowich.  Seated:  Mary Ellen Simonson, Lela Love, Donna Stienstra.

Here’s the shot from Peter Adler’s visit:

182_8300 Peter Adler & Co

Len Riskin, Peter Adler, Richard Reuben, Sandy Hodge, Jim Levin, Phil Harter

Finally, a shot of Tim Heinsz with Art Hinshaw

190_9023 Art, Tim, print


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