Photo Album – 2005

This album includes photos from the Council meeting of the ABA SDR in Salt Lake City and conference in LA.   It also includes  a few shots from a symposium that Julie Macfarlane and Bernie Mayer organized in Boulder, Colorado in February as well as a symposium that Donna Stienstra organized for the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, DC in November.  Finally, there is a shot of Marc Galanter, who spoke at the University of Missouri in September.  I was a student of his and for a symposium of his former students to honor him, I wrote this short article to draw attention of our DR colleagues to his work.

Here are shots from the ABA SDR Council meeting.

205_0533 Toyo & Jack

Linda (Toyo) Obayashi, John (Jack) Cooley

205_0527 Lela, Kim

Lela Love, Kim Kovach

205_0554 Toyo & Marvin

Linda (Toyo) Obayashi, Marvin Johnson

Here are shots from the ABA conference.

209_0973 Hal & John

Hal Abramson, John Barkai

209_0916 Andrea & Michael

Andrea Schneider, Michael Moffitt

209_0968 Phyllis & Andrea

Phyllis Bernard, Andrea Braeutigam

208_0882 David Michael

David Michael

208_0892 Kelly & CJ

Kelly Olson, CJ Larkin

208_0887 Lela, Tom, Kim

Lela Love, Tom Stipanowich, Kim Kovach

209_0969 Russell Korobkin

Russell Korobkin

208_0884 Tim & Baruch

Tim Hedeen, Baruch Bush

208_0877 Donna Stienstra

Donna Stienstra

209_0964 Pamela and profs

Missouri crowd:  Richard Reuben, Paul Ladehoff, Jim Levin, Pamela Muduwa, Jean Sternlight, John Lande, Art Hinshaw

209_0959 Ron, Bob

Ron Aronovsky, Bob Ackerman

209_0972 Nancy & Paula

Nancy Welsh, Paula Young

209_0985 Don & Len

Don Peters, Len Riskin

208_0894 Daniel & Dana

Daniel Bowling, Dana Curtis

208_0882 Bruce Meyerson

Bruce Meyerson

209_0934 Jack, Hal

Jack Hanna, Hal Abramson

209_0921 Homer, Robert, John

Homer LaRue, Robert Benjamin, John Helie

209_0938 Gary Weiner

Gary Weiner

209_0982 Larry, Michael, Bob

Larry Mills, Michael Moffitt, Robert Creo

209_0933 Hal & Jackie

Hal Abramson, Jackie Nolan-Haley

Here are two shots from the symposium in Boulder.

204_0450 Chris, Bill, Bernie

Chris Moore, William Ury, Bernie Mayer

204_0477 Tom & Frank

Tom Fee, Frank Dukes

And photos from the Federal Judicial Center symposium.

IMG_2782 data chicks

Roselle Wissler, Donna Stienstra, Bobbi McAdoo, Nancy Welsh

IMG_2765 Donna, Susan, Ellen

Donna Shestowsky, Susan Yates, Ellen Deason

IMG_2760 Nancy & Howard dancing

Nancy Welsh, Howard Herman

And here’s the shot of Marc Galanter.

IMG_2585 Galanter


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