Photo Album – 2006

This album starts with photos from the ABA SDR conference in Atlanta.  In October, hosted a star-studded gathering in Keystone, Colorado.  This collection includes a shot of John (Jack) Cooley, who was a wonderful soul and who is the namesake of the ABA SDR’s Lawyer as Problem-Solver Award.  He played jazz piano and this album includes a photo from a talent show at the symposium where he played the piano.  Also in October, the University of Missouri Law School held a symposium honoring Len Riskin, who had been there for two decades and moved to the University of Florida.

Here are shots from the ABA conference.

IMG_3295 Scott Michael Andrea (2)

Scott Hughes, Michael Moffitt, Andrea Schneider

IMG_3267 rachel cindy

Rachel Wohl and Cindy Savage at the Aquarium

IMG_3288 Paula

Paula Young

IMG_3175 John Larry

John Bickerman, Larry Mills

IMG_3187 Amy & Margaret

Amy Glass, Margaret Shaw

MU ABA 2006 Coben Paul

Jim Coben, Paul Ladehoff

IMG_3180 Nancy VS

Nancy Ver Steegh

IMG_3299 Bobbi Nancy

Bobbi McAdoo, Nancy Welsh

IMG_3174 Len Josh

Len Riskin, Josh Stulberg

IMG_3302 Lela Andrea

Lela Love, Andrea Schneider

IMG_3290 Kelly Alyson

Kelly Olson, Alyson Carrel


Here are shots from the Keystone conference.

IMG_1360 Nancy & jack

Nancy Welsh, John (Jack) Cooley

IMG_1242 Amy, Polly, Bill, Robert

Amy Glass, Polly Davis, Bill Lincoln, Robert Creo

IMG_1256 Carrie & Frank

Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Frank Evans

IMG_1260 Christy, Cindy, Robert

Christie Coates, Cindy Savage, Robert Benjamin

IMG_1289 RIchard & Doug

Richard Reuben, Doug Yarn

IMG_1389 Jane

Jane Gordon

IMG_1230 Tim, Gary, John

Tim Hicks, Gary Weiner, John Helie

IMG_1257 Juliana

Juliana Birkoff

IMG_1295 Ron & Bill

Ron Kelly, Bill Lincoln

IMG_1311 Kim

Kim Kovach

IMG_1365 Gary & David

Gary Weiner, David Hoffman

IMG_1232 David Matz

David Matz

IMG_1376 Michelle & John

Michelle LeBaron, John Lande

IMG_1269 Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes

Here are shots from the symposium honoring Len Riskin

36 Riskin symposium group photo

Chris Guthrie, John Lande, Margaret Shaw, Robert A. Baruch Bush, Len Riskin, Jim Westbrook, Nancy Welsh, Clark Freshman, Charles Wiggins

IMG_1518 Len, Casey, Clark, Richard, Donna, Charles

Back row:  Len Riskin, Casey Damme, Clark Freshman, Richard Reuben.  Front row:  Donna Silverberg, Charles Wiggins.

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