Extensive ODR Bibliography

From Leah Wing:

Dear Colleagues,

The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution is happy to announce the unveiling of a newly updated extensive Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) bibliography which is available on our website and here.

It is wonderful to see so many new partners from the courts, alternative dispute resolution, and many other sectors joining the work of employing ODR worldwide to enhance access to justice in courts and ADR.  After more than twenty years, ODR’s relevance to our world is at the forefront — proving to be vital to society.

This extensive (45 page!) bibliography is a testament to the wonderful scholarly and practical work that has been accomplished already.  The bibliography will continue to be updated and submission guidelines can be found here.

Many thanks to Creighton University Professor Noam Ebner, a Fellow at the Center, who undertook the enormous task of updating the Center’s bibliography with assistance from Dennis Davis, working with the ABA’s Section on Dispute Resolution’s Task Force on ODR.

Please feel free to circulate this announcement and the bibliography.

Stay safe, be well,


Leah Wing
Co-director, National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution
Co-Founder and Board member, International Council for Online Dispute Resolution
Senior Lecturer II, Legal Studies Program
Department of Political Science
University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA)

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