This Spring

This spring is an eerie season of death and life.

Death is a natural and inevitable part of life.  Humans and members of every other living species die all the time.

What’s so spooky about the coronavirus crisis is that this deadly virus often is spread by people who are asymptomatic.  So you can’t tell if an interaction with anyone – regardless if they seem healthy – would cause you or your loved ones to get the disease and die.  The death toll has increased exponentially.  And reckless people who insist on their freedom to ignore the risks can cause immeasurable harm to others and our communities.

But spring also is a time of life – rejuvenation of the natural world.  So as we are horrified by the death toll from Covid-19 that increases every second, we also are inspired by the new life shooting up everywhere (in the Northern Hemisphere).  Green grass and leaves and multi-colored blossoms have been sprouting for several weeks in my corner of the world.  It warms my heart.

In time, this crisis will end.  Most of us will survive, most without getting the disease at all.  Life will go on.

In the meantime, this crisis may provide a blessing in disguise – some time to reflect on the meaning of life, our place in the world, and how we want to spend our limited time on earth.


Take a look at these photos of this spring in my area and see if they help renew your appreciation of life.

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