ABA Programs on Evaluation in Mediation and Relational Practice

The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution announced two programs that look really good.  One is a webinar, Evaluation: A Potential Tool in Your Mediation Strategy, on July 25, and the other is a Relational Practice Virtual Summit on September 4-7.

Video Webinar on Evaluation in Mediation

The ADR Section is trying something new – a free seminar using Zoom technology. Attendees will be able to see and talk with others from their desks, just as you would in a live ADR Section meeting. Limited to the first 24 persons to enroll, the seminar will feature discussion and roleplaying, all without leaving your home.

The topic is evaluation — How can a mediator apply evaluative techniques effectively, while still maintaining a generally facilitative approach?  Professor Dwight Golann has the thoughtful, expert use of evaluation in venues ranging from Rio, Nairobi and Hong Kong to Washington, Columbus and Los Angeles.   He will show you how to deal with the challenges evaluation poses, while taking advantage of its ability to assist in resolving difficult legal cases.  You’ll view examples of evaluation by leading mediators, then go into breakout rooms to experiment with techniques yourself.

To participate you will need access to a laptop, tablet or computer with both a camera and microphone.  You’ll be sent free, simple software that will allows you to the seminar classroom.  You’ll also be asked to read in advance roleplay instructions, and be ready to actively participate in this new initiative in the ADR Section’s educational efforts.

Virtual Summit on Relational Practice

The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution’s Task Force on Relational Practices has designed this online conference to explore the so called “soft skills” used in relational practice.  Some of the online conference programs will be live while others will be pre-recorded.  The program content will appeal to a broad audience: attorneys, law students, ombuds, mediators, facilitators, doctors, business people, really anyone who deals with people.

During the summit attendees will be able to join more than 20 programs designed around the theme of “I can relate! Skills, Ideas, and Models for Engaging Differences.”  Programs will be varying lengths, ranging from six to thirty minutes long, offering a rich collection of topics and speakers.

Click here for a full list of Virtual Summit programs.  These programs are not for CLE credit.  The cost for Section members is $25, other ABA members is $40, and non-members is $55.


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