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From TFFOIs Sharon Press and Bobbi McAdoo:

Hi everyone

It was great catching up with so many of you are the ABA DR Section Conference in San Francisco.  Kudos to our colleagues Alyson Carrel and Kelly Olson (conference co-chairs) and outgoing Chair Nancy Welsh for putting on such a great event (and also to all of our other colleagues who had a part in making the conference a success).

We have compiled the results from the 2017 Resource Share including  the following documents:

  1. The updated compilation of information.  Last year we began the tradition of adding to the resources as opposed to creating a new document so the attachment includes what has been shared over the past couple of years.  New items are highlighted in yellow  if they were provided in advance of the conference and in blue for items added at or after the conference.
  2. Hal Abramson’s Paperclip activity instructions.
  3. Noam Ebner’s Pasta Wars Translations information.

Thanks everyone for sharing… and it never is too early to send Sharon something you want included for next year… Now that the 2017 document is out, we will begin work on the 2018 Resource Share!

Wishing you all a great end of the semester and summer.


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