Diversity and Dispute Resolution

I am a member of David Hoffman’s huge fan club for the many reasons that the club is so large.  One of these reasons is that he uses his caring and deliberate approach to address critically important issues in our field.  Despite serious efforts by many people in our field for a long time, we remain bedeviled by bias and inadequate representation, much like the rest of our society.

In January, David taught a short course on diversity and dispute resolution at Harvard and I uploaded his syllabus on the DRLE website.  He hopes to teach the course again and invites people’s suggestions for improving it.

He is also doing a “shoptalk” session on this topic at the ABA Legal Educators’ Colloquium on Saturday, April 22, at 2 pm.  Be there or be square.

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  1. John: Thanks for your kind words. The course on Diversity and Dispute Resolution will be offered again in 2018 at Harvard Law School, and so I would welcome any feedback or suggestions people might have about the syllabus — including any suggestions of role plays, videos, or other materials. – David Hoffman

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