NEW!!! and IMPROVED!!! Teaching Resources

We haven’t finished this year’s courses and we’re already planning for next year.

Over this summer, I plan to update the syllabi on the DRLE webpage. That webpage has some syllabi that are over 15 years old and I want to update old syllabi and add new ones. I invite instructors to send me your syllabi to share. If needed, I will contact people individually. If I don’t have to send out the dogs to track you down, no one will get hurt.

I also want to let you know about the release of the second edition of my book, Lawyering with Planned Early Negotiation: How You Can Get Good Results for Clients and Make Money, including a teacher’s manual.

The manual includes several syllabi using this book (including from Jill Womble and Leigh Ann Roberts as well as some of mine), simulations, teaching notes, assessment forms, and instructions for writing assessments (aka journals). The simulations include fishbowl (or “improv”), single-stage, and multi-stage simulations.

If you are or will be an instructor who would like to use the teacher’s manual, you can email me to get the password for the manual and you can email Althea Billins at the ABA to get a review copy of the book.

You may want to assign my article, Good Pretrial Lawyering: Planning to Get to Yes Sooner, Cheaper, and Better, 16 Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution 63 (2014). This article summarizes interviews with lawyers about how they approach pretrial litigation with an eye toward settling at the earliest appropriate time.

You might want to assign the other article from this study, A Framework for Advancing Negotiation Theory: Implications from a Study of How Lawyers Reach Agreement in Pretrial Litigation, 16 Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution 1 (2014), which uses accounts of actual cases, starting from the initial client contact, to illustrate problems with traditional negotiation theory and suggest a clearer practical framework for analyzing negotiation.

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