Please Send Materials for This Year’s Resource Share

From GFOIs Sharon Press and Noam Ebner:

Dear Colleagues:

The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution will once again host a virtual conference in April and we are pleased to announce that the Resource Share will take place live on Saturday, April 17, from 12:00 noon 1:00 pm Eastern.

For those of you who are new to the Resource Share, it is a session in which educators share teaching resources with one another to use freely in their classrooms.  Join in this session to learn how your colleagues are teaching specific topics or tackling tricky pedagogical challenges.  Share your own most effective teaching tool, or an exercise your students always learn from and enjoy.

We ask you all to submit the resources you wish to introduce in the session to us in advance.  This will allow us to plan the session’s flow and to add your contributions to the ever-growing Resource Share compilation.  Here is the document we compiled from last year’s resource share.

Some of you have already submitted resources… thank you!  We have them and they will be included.  Those of you who have not done so yet, now is the time to do so.

Rolling with the times, we request that you give special thought to resources that you intend to keep, even as you transition to being back in the classroom as well as resources that will work with some people being in the class and others joining remotely.   For example, here are some possible categories:

  • Simulations specifically created with online interaction intended
  • Activities/ice breakers/fun stuff that can be done online or in hybrid class/online settings
  • Adventure learning assignments that can be done remotely (where physical interaction is limited)
  • Adapted instructions for “traditional” assignments
  • Instructions on how to use current news events

Of course, since we are optimistic that we will someday see our physical classrooms once again, please share “regular” resources as well.

As a reminder, this is about resources, not just ideas.  Please include instructions, guides, write-ups, and links that will support your colleagues in implementing your suggestions in their teaching.

We also are interested in resources you have found for taking care of yourself and/or of your students during these challenging times.

Please email your resources to Sharon Press.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you on April 17.

In the meantime, we hope you stay safe and healthy!

Sharon and Noam