Updated ODR Bibliography

From EFOI Noam Ebner:

I wanted to let you know of a new update to the Online Dispute Resolution Bibliography, adding over a hundred new items to the list.

The updated to-the-moment version of the ODR Bibliography awaits you at the website of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution.  The list is a good starting point for any of you wanting to dive deeper into the topic as well as a helpful resource to provide students interested in researching it.

It’s wonderful to see the field of those writing on ODR expanding!  I’d like to invite any of you who have written journal articles and book chapters focusing on ODR that are not included in the bibliography to send me reference info in APA style, and I’ll happily add it in the next update.  If you have a link to an open access version of the article (on the journal’s site, SSRN, etc.), send me that as well.   

[If you provide partial reference info, or info that is not in APA style, I’ll be happy to put it on my ‘When I have time to get to it’ pile to hunt down and format myself at some point in the future.  I’ll probably get to formatting soon after I’m done grading.  As in, done for good.  So, up to you.]

Hope you’re all keeping warm and having a good semester!


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