FMCS Seeks Collaboration with Universities

Forwarded by GFOI Lara Fowler:

The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) believes that there is a great mutual benefit to be gained through collaboration with academic institutions.  FMCS mediators, with their wealth of practical experience, have much to contribute to the learning and research in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  At the same time, FMCS mediators are always curious to learn from the cutting-edge research and methods of practice that originate at the university level.   For these reasons, FMCS is pleased to announce its newly established university collaboration program.

Some ways in which FMCS might collaborate with universities through this program include:

  • Training of FMCS mediators by university professors in research, theory, and practice to expand their skill sets.
  • Guest lecturing at universities by FMCS mediators.
  • Participation by FMCS mediators in university-related conferences.
  • Collaborating to further research in the field of ADR.
  • Exchanges about various models of mediation and mediation techniques, as well as best practices for their use in different conflict situations.
  • Collaboration in the design of training curricula, practice-based role plays, and other activities for both university courses and FMCS external programming.
  • Facilitation of meetings and conference panels at both FMCS and university events.
  • University participation in FMCS conferences, including the biennial National Labor-Management Conference.
  • University participation in the various state and regional labor-management conferences that FMCS plays a major role in administering.
  • University participation in the multitude of activities to strengthen conflict-management and resolution in the federal sector in which FMCS plays a major role.

If you represent a university and have an idea for a possible collaboration between FMCS and your institution, please complete our online request form.

FMCS will review all submissions to determine whether there is a mutual benefit to the Agency and the institution, as well as to confirm that the project furthers the mission of FMCS.   FMCS reserves the right to not enter into collaborative arrangements based on these criteria.

For more information about the program and possible activities, please see the “FMCS Collaboration with Universities” page on our website.

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