The Dream-Team Of Conflict Resolution TV Shows

Perhaps less terrifying than watching the political campaign on TV, we soon will have the chance to watch another TV treatment of so-called “mediation.”

Fox will show “The Mediator with Ice-T, a weekday, half-hour legal series hosted by the veteran rapper and actor, will get a limited four-week run on Fox-owned stations, including stations in New York and Los Angeles, premiering in March 2021.”

In the program, Ice-T will virtually seek resolutions between two feuding civilian parties.  Each side will plead their argument, providing the evidence, facts and details of the case to Ice-T, who will then call upon various well-known and knowledgeable experts to share their perspective and advice.  As an unbiased and respected third party, Ice-T will offer his best recommendation for how the complainants should proceed.  If they accept his suggestion, the case will be settled.  If they choose not to accept, the case will move to court.  The program will provide viewers with updates on the results of various cases that move forward to court.

Ice-T clearly understands the essence of mediation:

“Finding a resolution between two hostile sides means finding someone levelheaded that not only has respect but can also analyze complex issues in different ways,” said Ice-T.  “I think my opinions are rooted in facts and fairness so I know I can help these people.”

“Ice-T has the credibility of an OG, the wisdom of Yoda, and the sense of humor of a standup comic.  Never has a voice like his been needed more in the marketplace,” [showrunner Stuart] Krasnow added.

“Ice-T, Stuart and Frank Cicha all opened discussions about The Mediator by first insisting the show truly help people in these uncertain times.  This is the dream-team of conflict resolution shows,” said Jetmir.

Thanks (?) to Russ Bleemer for passing this along.

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