We’ll Meet Again

A Washington Post article noted British Queen Elizabeth’s statement about the coronavirus crisis in which she said:

“We should take comfort that, while we may have more still to endure, better days will return,” she concluded.  “We will be with our friends again.  We will be with our families again.  We will meet again.”

“We will meet again” is an unmistakable reference to the most popular song in London during World War II.  Vera Lynn’s beautiful anthem of resiliency and optimism captures the quintessential spirit that got Britons through their struggle against the forces of fascism.

Amazingly, Lynn is still alive.  She’s 103.  “We’ll meet again” surged overnight in the charts.

This is very timely for our community.  Last year, when Josh Stulberg received the ABA Section’s of Dispute Resolution’s scholarship award, he led the audience in a rousing chorus of “We’ll Meet Again.”

Unfortunately, we won’t meet again in person at the ABA conference planned for this month, though the Section is planning a virtual conference next month when we can meet virtually.

Presumably we will meet again in person at the conference next year.

I hope you’re all coping well.