Virtual Symposium on International Commercial Mediation

From my colleague, S.I. Strong:

Young OGEMID will start its next virtual (all-email) symposium on June 24.  You might want to let your students know in case they want to sign up .  The listserv is, as I’ve noted before, free.  Those of you who are pre-tenure are eligible to join as well.

The topic is “Mediation as the New Arbitration?  Effects of the New Singapore Convention.”

On 7 August 2019, the new United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Arising From Mediation – commonly known as the Singapore Convention on Mediation – will open for signature, raising a multitude of questions ranging from “what effect will this new instrument have on international commercial dispute resolution?” to “what is mediation, anyway?”  This virtual symposium brings together experts from around the world to answer these and other questions about the commercial world’s most intriguing development.

Prof. S.I. Strong
Manley O. Hudson Professor of Law
University of Missouri

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