Latest and Greatest Resource Share

Thanks once again to Sharon Press and Bobbi McAdoo for the invaluable service of compiling resources as part of the ABA Legal Educators’ Colloquium.   Sharon wrote:

“I hope the end of the semester is going well for you.  Bobbi and I wanted to be sure you had the “final” version of the Resource Share before you packed up for the summer so that you have lots of ideas for your fall course planning.

“As has been our practice for the last couple of years, we have added to and updated this document instead of only included “new” items.  To make it easier for you to spot the new and updated material, it is color-coded.

“Thanks again to everyone for your creativity and your generosity in sharing…. And start saving your ideas for next year’s Resource Share.

“Wishing you a fun (and productive) summer,

“Sharon (and Bobbi)”

Here’s the general resource share document and here’s an appendix of the “five minute first aid kit” exercise to deal with stress.

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