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From Resolution Systems Institute

My name is Nicole Wilmet and I am the Resource Center Director at Resolution Systems Institute (RSI).  As an organizer of your state’s court ADR program, I am delighted to inform you that RSI, the source for information about court alternative dispute resolution, has a brand new website!

At the updated, you can learn more about the critical work we’re doing in the areas of program design, research and evaluation.  You’ll also find all of our major publications – including our program evaluations, monthly Court ADR Connection newsletter, and introducing our Guide to Program Success – RSI’s guide on how to design, manage and evaluate successful court ADR programs!  We’re thrilled to share this essential new resource, which gives courts a comprehensive plan for creating and improving mediation, arbitration and other ADR programs.

The new site also contains our completely revamped Resource Center.  Here, you’ll find information about programs all across the country, details on over 5,000 articles, studies and other resources related to all things court ADR.

Additionally, be sure to check out our Court ADR Across the US page in the Resource Center for an overview of court ADR programs in each state.  As we work to provide our users with the most reliable information on court ADR programs, please let me know if there are corrections needed for your state.

We’re so excited to share our new site with you!  Please feel free to pass along this news!

2 thoughts on “New Resolution Systems Institute (RSI) Website”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, John!

    We designed the site primarily to help people working in court ADR. I hope it is useful for academics and students, too.

    Just to clarify the headline, the new site is from Resolution Systems Institute.

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