Invitation to Join Conversation About Conflict Engagement in a Divided Nation

From WFOI Noam Ebner:

Friends, I’d like to share the link to a conversation developing on ADRHub, and invite you to join in.

Initially a dialog between Bernie Mayer and Gail Bingham, this interaction is developing into an open conversation around a topic that is of deep concern to many of us.  Captioned ‘Conflict Intervention in a Divided Nation,’ the conversation is an exploration of the roles that might, can, or should (or should not!) be played by the conflict field, and by individuals working in conflict, in these turbulent times.  Unsurprisingly, some disagreements have already been identified, and others are sure to arise.

Click here to read and, better yet, join the conversation.

Please feel very invited to visit, and to join in.   As class starts, some of you might find it appropriate to share the link with your students and invite them to participate.

Thank you! Have a great semester, everyone.

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