Please Let Your Students Know About Some Resources for Them This Fall

As previously noted, the University of Missouri Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution is conducting a symposium, Moving Negotiation Theory from the Tower of Babel Toward a World of Mutual Understanding.

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This symposium provides several learning opportunities for students and I would appreciate it if you would pass along this information in relevant syllabi, announcements in class, or both.  Indeed, you might want to include a link to this post.

The symposium speakers have compiled an excellent annotated reading list, which should be very helpful.  This includes a link to “virtual book club” posts, which provide summaries and comments about key points in the readings.  The posts will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

The symposium will be live-streamed on Friday, October 7 from 9 am to noon Central Time and then posted on YouTube.  So students may want to watch the symposium.  Indeed, you may want to require that they watch all or part of it.

We are also conducting a student essay competition, in cooperation with Marquette University’s Dispute Resolution Program.  There are two prizes, $500 and $250, and the deadline is October 17.
If students are required to write a paper for your course, they might write something that qualifies for this competition.

Thanks for your help.

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