Photo Album – 2011

This photo album includes shots from many events, starting with the ABA SDR conference in Denver.   The Rethinking Negotiation Teaching project held a conference in Beijing, China, in May.  Pepperdine held a symposium on legal education in July.   The Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators and Tennessee Association of Construction Counsel held a symposium in Nashville in September.   Marquette held a symposium in Milwaukee in September.  Andrew Lee and Vivian Feng visited the Missouri Law School in October.  And, last but not least, there are photos from the Washington University symposium in December.

IMG_3589 laughably indisputable

Indisputably Andrea Schneider, Art Hinshaw, Jill Gross, Michael Moffitt, Sarah Cole, Paul Kirgis, Cynthia Alkon

IMG_3648 Zena & Alyson

Zena Zumeta, Alyson Carrel

IMG_3567 Bob, Hal

Bob Ackerman, Hal Abramson

IMG_3548 Bernie & Bobbi

Bernie Mayer, Bobbi McAdoo

IMG_3559 John and Heather

John Lande, Heather Kulp

IMG_3641 Sukh

Sukhsimranjit (Sukh) Singh

IMG_3650 Jims and friends

Jim Levin, Jim Coben

IMG_3551 Marnie, Susan, Lisa

Marnie Huff,  Susan Exon, Lisa Blomgren Amsler

IMG_3632 match made in heaven

Wonder Woman, Art Hinshaw

IMG_3557 Jim, Andrea, Sharon, John

Jim Alfini, Andrea Schneider, Sharon Press, John Lande

IMG_3663 Cynthia & Peter

Cynthia Alkon, Peter Reilly

IMG_3643 leaping lizards

John Lande, Jill Gross, Jim Hilbert, Sean Nolon

IMG_3565 David

David Hoffman

IMG_3546 Tim & Amy

Tim Hedeen, Amy Glass

IMG_3539 arty Howard and Heather

Howard Herman, Heather Anderson

Here are the shots from the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching event in China.

IMG_4036 Ken, Noam, Sharon, David, Melissa, Yael

Ken Fox, Noam Ebner, Sharon Press, David Matz, Melissa Nelken, Yael Efron

IMG_3937 Professors LeBaron and Alexander

Michelle LeBaron, Nadja Alexander

IMG_4120 great companions on great wall

Jay Folberg, Sharon Press, Ximena Bustamante at the Great Wall

IMG_3926 Michelle and Andrew

Michelle LeBaron, Andrew Wei-Min Lee

Here are photos from the Pepperdine symposium:

IMG_5135 Donna, Richard, Josh

Donna Erez Navot, Richard Reuben, Josh Stulberg

IMG_5134 lying negotiator panel

Andrea Schneider, Art Hinshaw, Russell Korobkin

Here are shots from the Marquette symposium:

IMG_6454 Bernie, Josh, Larry

Bernie Mayer, Josh Stulberg, Larry Susskind

IMG_6458 Howard, Rachel

Howard Bellman, Rachel Wohl

IMG_6438 Bobbi, Nancy

Bobbi McAdoo, Nancy Ver Steegh

IMG_6471 Eileen

Eileen Pruett

IMG_6493 Chris and Sharon

Chris Honeyman, Sharon Press

IMG_6461 Donna

Donna Stienstra

IMG_6460 Tim and Natalie

Tim Hedeen, Natalie Fleury

IMG_6441 Yishai, David, Andrea

Yishai Boyarin, David Levin, Andrea Schneider

Andrew and Vivian visit Missouri:

IMG_6525 Andrew and Vivian in John's office

Andrew Wei-Min Lee and Vivian Ying Yu Feng in my office

Here are shots from Nashville

IMG_6368 John, John, and Marnie

John Blankenship, John Lande, Marnie Huff

IMG_6345 country hearthrob

Country music star mediator

Finally, shots from the Washington University symposium:

IMG_6739 Jen & Sharon

Jennifer Brown, Sharon Press

IMG_6743 Bobbi & CJ

Bobbi McAdoo, CJ Larkin

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