Photo Album – 2012

This photo album includes photos from the annual ABA SDR Conference and annual Northwest DR Conference.  I particularly like to capture and share photos of pioneers in our field as you can see in some of the earlier albums and you will see in future albums.  This album includes a shot of Stephen Goldberg who I had heard about but hadn’t met until the Northwest conference.  This album also includes some shots of me sans beard.  I was amused that some friends didn’t recognize me at all without my beard.

Here are the photos, starting with the ABA conference, which took place in Washington DC.

IMG_7012 Yishai, Michael, Rishi, Andrea

Yishai Boyarin, Michael Moffitt, Rishi Batra, Andrea Schneider

IMG_6983 Clymer, Donna, Lela, Dan

Clymer Bardsley, Donna Erez Navot, Lela Love, Dan Weitz

IMG_6987 Jane & Dwight

Jane Juliano, Dwight Golann

IMG_6981 Michelle

Michelle LeBaron

IMG_7014 Elayne and Brian

Elayne Greenberg, Brian Pappas

IMG_7004 Ellen, Sharon, Jen, Noam, Melissa

Ellen Deason, Sharon Press, Jennifer Brown, Noam Ebner, Melissa Nelken

IMG_6998 Rachel

Rachel Wohl

IMG_6979 funny number lunchgroup

Back row:  Donna Shestowsky, Bobbi McAdoo, John Lande.  Front row:  Andrea Schneider, Art Hinshaw

IMG_7025 Giuseppe, Rich, Jim, Clark

Giuseppe de Palo, Rich Birke, Jim Coben, Clark Freshman

Kay & John ABA 2012

Koschina (Kay) Marshall, John Lande

IMG_7022 Dwight and Marjorie

Dwight Golann, Marjorie Aaron

IMG_7008 Susan

Susan Exon

IMG_7028 Hiro, Peter, Ray

Hiro Aragaki, Peter Reilly, Ray Patterson

IMG_6968 Debra

Debra Berman

IMG_7007 Lela and Jim

Lela Love, Jim Coben


Here are shots from the Northwest Conference, which was in Seattle.

IMG_7093 Stephen Goldberg

Stephen Goldberg

IMG_7091 Serena

Serena Lee

IMG_7101 Lee Jay, John, Larry

Lee Jay Berman, John Lande, Larry Mills

IMG_7079 Colin still looks like he is 21

Colin Rule


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