Photo Album – 2010

This photo album is mostly contains shots from the ABA SDR conference in San Francisco.   My wife, Ann, and I also stopped in Eugene, Oregon, and that summer and we visited with the DR folks at the University of Oregon.

IMG_0505 David & Tim

Dave Moora, Tim Hedeen

IMG_0528 Marnie, Chip, & Susan

Marnie Huff, Daxton (Chip) Stewart, Susan Exon

IMG_0532 Len & Rachel

Len Riskin, Rachel Wohl

IMG_0511 Pam & Larry tight

Pam Enslen, Larry Mills

IMG_0553 Julie, Hope, Bernie

Julie Macfarlane, Hope, Bernie Mayer

IMG_0524 Lisa & Gina

Lisa Blomgren Amsler, Gina Brown

IMG_0536 Ron, Tim, Charlie, Terry

Ron Kelly, Tim Hedeen, Charlie Pillsbury, Terry Amsler

IMG_0585 Nancy, Sharon, Grande

Nancy Welsh, Sharon Press, Grande Lum

IMG_0530 Jeff & Howard

Jeff Kichaven, Howard Herman

IMG_0526 Art & Jill

Art Hinshaw, Jill Gross

IMG_0918 Oregon ADR gang +2

Back Row:  Tim Hicks, John Lande, Jen Reynolds, Michael Moffitt.  Front Row:  Ann Harrell, Jane Gordon, Jamie Moffitt in Oregon


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