Photo Album – 2009

This photo album is mostly from the ABA SDR conference, that year in New York City, and one shot from a visit to Oregon.

IMG_8538 Lela, Homer, Debbie

Lela Love, Homer LaRue, Debbie Masucci

IMG_8580 Roger, Beryl, Jackie

Roger Wolf, Beryl Blaustone, Jackie Font-Guzmán

IMG_8574 hospitality hangout

Back row:  Larry Mills, Kitty Atkins, Cynthia Alkon, Paul Ladehoff.  Front row:  Wayne Thorpe, Homer LaRue, Kim Taylor, Lela Love.

IMG_8560 Margaret & Jim

Margaret Shaw, Jim Coben

IMG_8587 Hal & Kelly

Hal Abramson, Kelly Olson

IMG_8551 Kim, Sharon

Kim Kovach, Sharon Press

IMG_8537 Nancy & Jim

Nancy Ver Steegh, Jim Hilbert

IMG_8532 Geetha, Angelia, Toyo

Geetha Ravindra, Angelia Tolbert, Linda (Toyo) Obayashi

IMG_8590 Andrea & Natalie

Andrea Schneider, Natalie Fleury

IMG_8535 Art & Lela (2)

Art Hinshaw, Lela Love

IMG_8578 Jennifer, Michael, Bob

Jennifer Brown, Michael Moffitt, Bob Bordone

IMG_8542 Hal Jackie

Hal Abramson, Jackie Nolan-Haley

IMG_8526 Tim, Howard, great ties

Tim Hedeen, Howard Herman

IMG_8332 John Jane Michael Jamie (2)

John Lande, Jane Gordon, Michael Moffitt, Jamie Moffitt in Eugene, Oregon

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