Photo Album – 2008

This photo album includes shots from the Council meeting of the ABA SDR in LA in February, ABA conference in Seattle in April, and international event in the Hague, the Netherlands in November.  It also includes a shot of me with Baruch Bush outside his synagogue in Brooklyn in August.

Here are shots from the Council meeting, where we honored Ellen Miller, who was stepping down as director of the Section.

IMG_3713 Ellen, Larry, plaque

Ellen Miller, Larry Mills

IMG_3676 Stephen, Homer, Marvin

Stephen Kotev, Homer LaRue, Marvin Johnson

IMG_3686 Geetha Ellen Wayne

Geetha Ravindra, Ellen Miller, Wayne Thorpe

IMG_3684 Jim, Lela, Toyo

Jim Alfini, Lela Love, Linda (Toyo) Obayashi

IMG_3679 Larry, Ellen, Phil

Larry Mills, Ellen Miller, Phil Cutler

Here are shots from the ABA Conference.

IMG_4187 dinner group

Ellen Waldman, Nancy Ver Steegh, Jim Hilbert, Bob Bailey, Peter Robinson, Sarah Cole

IMG_4168 working breakfast

Howard Herman, Claudia Bernard, Dana Curtis, Daniel Bowling

IMG_4183 Hal, Jim, Cynthia, Jim, Ellen

Hal Abramson, Jim Alfini, Cynthia Alkon, Jim Coben, Ellen Waldman

IMG_4225 Peter and Jim

Peter Salem, Jim Melamed

IMG_4251 Nancy, Bobbi, Art

Nancy Welsh, Bobbi McAdoo, Art Hinshaw

IMG_4174 Sukh and Chip

Sukhsimranjit (Sukh) Singh, Daxton (Chip) Stewart

IMG_4245 bundled Julia

Julia Gold

IMG_4185 Jim, Kelly, Andrea

Jim Hilbert, Kelly Olson, Andrea Schneider

IMG_4231 Maureen

Maureen Weston

IMG_4236 Art & Alyson

Art Hinshaw, Alyson Carrel

Here are shots from the ABA event in the Hague.

IMG_5870 Maurits and Cliff

Maurits Barendrecht, Cliff Hendler

IMG_5867 Nancy and Lisa

Nancy Welsh, Lisa Blomgren Amsler


IMG_5637 Baruch, John

Baruch Bush, John Lande in Brooklyn


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