Photo Album – 2007

This photo album includes photos at the ABA SDR conference in Washington DC and a symposium at Missouri on innovative methods of lawyering.  It includes a shot of Craig McEwen, who is one of my heros in our field.

Here are shots from the ABA conference.

IMG_2369 Craig & Co

Jim Coben, Nancy Welsh, Lisa Blomgren Amsler, John Lande, Craig McEwen, Peter Thompson

IMG_2358 Lela, Tom, Larry, Phil

Larry Mills, Phil Cutler, Lela Love, Tom Stipanowich

IMG_2353 Judy & Toyo

Judy Kaleta, Linda (Toyo) Obayashi

IMG_2373 Jims & Susan

Jim Coben, Jim Levin, Susan Franck

IMG_2375 RIch, Hal, Nancy, Andrea

Rich Birke, Hal Abramson, Nancy Welsh, Andrea Schneider

IMG_2350 Steve, Bruce, Jim

Stephen Kotev, Bruce Meyerson, Jim Alfini

IMG_2355 John P

John Phillips

IMG_2338 Susan, June, Jim

Susan Yates, June Lehrman, Jim Alfini

IMG_2344 Phil Armstrong

Phil Armstrong

IMG_2363 Zena & Peter

Zena Zumeta, Peter Salem

Here are the shots from the Innovative Lawyering symposium.

16 ILS group photo

Back row:  Rick Shields, Larry McLellan, Scott Peppet, John Lande, Woody Mosten.  Front row:  Jeanne Fahey, Kathy Bryan, David Hoffman, Bob Bailey, Tom Collier

IMG_3374 Scott, Woody

Scott Peppet, Woody Mosten

IMG_3383 David & John (2)

David Hoffman, John Lande

IMG_3378 Kathy & Bob

Kathy Bryan, Bob Bailey

IMG_3382 Rick & David

Rick Shields, David Hoffman


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