6th Annual International Cyber-conference on Dispute Resolution

From IFOI Brian Jarrett

Hello Folks,

Our 6th Annual International Cyber-conference on Dispute Resolution will take place on April 13, 2016, at noon to 2:30 pm (PST). Be sure to find the equivalent time and date in your location on the globe. California State University at Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) will be the “bridge university” this year.  Reza Boroon, our video-conferencing point person here will connect your university or organization to our video-conferencing link.  Be sure to email Reza  to establish and test the video connection well in advance of the conference date.

As usual, feel free to to invite your students, friends, and colleagues to participate.  We have a number of new participant organizations joining us this year, as well as our usual contributors.  As with past practice, feel free to advertise and promote this cyber-conference at your hosting university or organization, as your cyber-conference.  We want you to take credit for it locally.  The conference works well because of the commitment of each university and organization in the network.  So, let’s continue in this partnering tradition.

Our Keynote Speaker is Sean O’Callaghan, former IRA Informant, who now works with the UK and other governments on de-radicalization.  Here is a BBC documentary on his life.

Our agenda is, as follows –
Noon – Introduction and address – Keynote Speaker Sean O’Callaghan, United Kingdom

12:30 pm – Discussion on De-radicalization (facilitated by Brian Polkinghorn, Salisbury University, MD)

1:30 pm – Discussion on Positive Criminology and Therapeutic Jurisprudence (co-facilitated by Natti Ronel, Bar Llan University, Israel, Ety Elisha, Yzreel Valley College, Israel, and David Wexler, University of Puerto Rico)

2:25 pm – Closing
We are also accepting paper submissions for our peer reviewed journal.  To submit papers to the Applied Journal of Dispute Resolution (now in its 6th year) please submit papers in APA format to Brian Jarrett.

You don’t have to submit a paper to participate in the conference, but we always welcome them.  Please let colleagues and students know about this opportunity to publish in a peer reviewed journal.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.
As usual, we look forward to a lively discussion at our conference.



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