New and Improved DRLE Syllabus Collection

I am pleased to inform you that the updated collection of DR syllabi is now available on the DRLE website.

To those who generously contributed syllabi to share with your colleagues:  THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Please take a look and let me know if there are any problems we need to fix with the listing of your syllabi.

If you haven’t contributed a syllabus (or even if you have), we can add more syllabi later, so feel free to send them to me when you are ready.

There are about 120 syllabi on the website, which is about 50% more than before.

As you will see, virtually all of the syllabi were written within the last few years.

There is a good collection of syllabi for all the basic subjects and a wide variety of syllabi in “other” DR courses.

I am very pleased with the wide representation of faculty who contributed syllabi, including many from a new generation who weren’t even teaching (or were just getting started) when we initiated the website over a decade ago.

The syllabi illustrate the wide variety of texts and teaching methods that faculty are using.

I think that even reviewing the variations in course titles is interesting and perhaps somewhat significant (recognizing that individual instructors usually don’t have discretion to decide on the titles themselves).

Alert readers know that I have encouraged colleagues to include multi-stage simulations in their courses. In addition to the general list of such simulations, I have included links with the syllabi in the courses in which they were used so that you can see the context.

I want to acknowledge the hard work by Karen Neylon and Jody Bryson at the University of Missouri School of Law who put together the new webpages from scratch.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

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