Coben and Welsh Want Your Favorite Number

Jim Coben, on behalf of himself and Nancy Welsh, is circulating the following request.

Dear Colleagues:

I write to appeal to the “hive-mind” on behalf of the Dispute Resolution Magazine.  In the upcoming fall issue, we are planning to include a “numbers” teaser box.  More specifically, it’s an opportunity to feature interesting statistics and/or other numbers about the broad field of dispute resolution.  The goal is to be informative, thought-provoking and fun!

What’s your favorite “number” about our field–or one that’s not exactly your favorite, but important nonetheless?  Might be something based on your own research or that of someone else.   Email Jim with your “number,” a very short description, and a citation(s).  Here are several examples just to get you thinking:

Average rate at which borrowers and lenders achieve agreement in foreclosure mediation

Half a billion
Estimated number of contracts with mandatory arb provisions to which US consumers are parties
Source:  Sternlight, Mandatory Binding Arbitration Clauses Prevent Consumers from Presenting Procedurally Difficult Claims, 42 Sw. L. Rev. 87, 97-98 (2012) (citing…)

Pages of statutes about mediation
Source:  Cole et al, Where Mediation Is Concerned, Sometimes “There Ought Not to Be a Law!” (citing…) 20 Disp Resol. Mag. 34 (2014)

79% to 99%
Percentage of small claims and housing court cases where both parties are unrepresented
Source:  Wissler, Representation in Mediation: What we Know from Empirical Research, 37 Fordham Urban Law Journal 419, 420 (2009) (citing…)

Percentage of parties who reported that their lawyer talked more than they did in mediation
Source:  Wissler, Party Participation and Voice in Mediation, 18 Disp Res. Mag. 20 (2011)

Jurisdictions that have adopted the RUAA

Description: Minimum number of stages that John Lande recommends you have in negotiation simulations
Source:  Every post you’ve ever read by John on Indisputably

Nancy Welsh and I will select submissions to be published (and also compile and distribute back to the list all “nominations” received). Think broadly! Many thanks. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

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