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Haskell Murray (Belmont Business School) compiled the following list of ADR twitterers for would-be twitterees.  He says that he is sure that the list is incomplete, but it is a good start.    “Business” or “Law” notes whether the person teaches in a business school or a law school.     If you have a twitter thingee of your own that you would like to add to the list, please add it as a comment.

Max Bazerman (Harvard Business) – @MaxBazerman
Kristen Blankley (Nebraska Law) – @ADR_Prof
Bob Bordone (Harvard Law) – @bobbordone
Alyson Carrel (Northwestern Law) – @alysoncarrel
Stuart Diamond (Penn Business) – @Stuart_Diamond
Noam Ebner (Creighton Law) – @NoamEbner
Jill Gross (Pace Law) – @profgross
Heather Scheiwe Kulp (Harvard Law) – @HSKulp
Geoffrey Leonardelli (Toronto Business) – @geoleonardelli
Deepak Malhotra (Harvard Business) – @Prof_Malhotra
Matthew McCarter (Texas Business) – @Prof_McCarter
Michael Moffitt (Oregon Law) – @MichaelMoffitt
Haskell Murray (Belmont Business) – @HaskellMurray
Sean Nolon (Vermont Law) – @snolon
Don Philbin (Pepperdine Law) – @DonPhilbin
Quinetta Roberson (Villanova Business) – @QuinettaPhD
Larry Susskind (MIT Business) – @lsusskind
Karen Walch (Thunderbird Business) – @WalchK
Stephen Ware (Kansas Law) – @ProfStephenWare

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