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The latest “Your Money” column in yesterday’s New York Times is sure to contribute to the ongoing debate regarding gender differences in negotiation.  Entitled “A Women’s Toolkit for Seeking a Raise,”  the column reports on new research of gender differences in negotiation and posits that women should use strategies different from those men typically use when negotiating for a raise.  Personally, I am not entirely sure that the suggestions for women — including to “frame their requests in more nuanced ways,” and explain why they should get a raise but communicate in terms that won’t undermine their work relationships, will raise the level of discourse between men and women in the workplace.  See for yourself here.

3 thoughts on “More on gender and negotiation”

  1. I don’t know if most of those tactics would actually be effective. Probably your single biggest bit of ammunition when you’re heading into a salary negotiation is to simply know what other people in that position have been paid and ask for at least the same.

  2. I did not love the article, for the reasons that you enumerate. In addition, aren’t “preparing” and “anticipating” and so on part of all negotiations, regardless of gender? And what about the “negotiate at home” part? I just reread it and it sounds like the author is saying that if one’s home life were more equitable then the workplace negotiation would be less necessary. So focus on those nuanced relationship-oriented conversations at home, ladies! 🙂

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