Introducing Kelly Browe Olson

It is my pleasure to introduce guest blogger Kelly Browe Olson to the Indisputably ranks.  Her forte is ADR in the family context, an area that we have unintentionally neglected for far too long. 

Kelly is an Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas – Little Rock where she doubles as the Director of Clinical Programs.  She got her B.A. from Marquette, her J.D. from Michigan, and her LL.M. in ChildLaw from Loyola (Chicago).  Besides ADR courses, Kelly teaches Family Law and Domestic Violence, and she is a national expert in the mediation of juvenile issues such as abuse and neglect, delinquency, special education, and custody and visitation.

If you are interested in learning more about juvenile dependency mediation, Kelly’s writings are the first place you should go, particularly the pieces listed below:  

Family Group Conferencing and Child Protection Mediation: Essential Tools for Prioritizing Family Engagement in Child Welfare Cases, FAMILY COURT REVIEW Volume 47 No. 1, January 2009; and

 Abuse, Neglect and Dependency Cases in Juvenile Court, Chapter V, ADR Handbook for Judges, ABA Section on Dispute Resolution Publication, September 2004.

Finally, I’m forever grateful to Kelly as we helped each other weather the AALS meat-market back in 2002 (was it really that long ago? yikes!!).  We’re happy to have Kelly on board and look forward to her contributions.

One thought on “Introducing Kelly Browe Olson”

  1. Thanks Art. I’m glad to be here. I’m negotiating some tough family waters this week but I look forward to posting soon.


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