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Inside a High-Profile Plea Bargaining: Part I

The New York Times published a fascinating account of the plea bargaining of Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization CFO.  This was unusual because details of plea bargaining processes usually are kept private.  This process included the very active participation of the trial judge, who made suggestions and offered to keep Mr. Weisselberg’s sentence relatively short … Continue reading Inside a High-Profile Plea Bargaining: Part I

LIRA in Criminal Cases

The LIRA book – Litigation Interest and Risk Assessment: Help Your Clients Make Good Litigation Decisions – focuses on civil litigation.  It describes three elements that practitioners and parties should consider when assessing litigation interests and risks: (1) the expected court outcome, (2) future tangible costs of continuing to litigate, and (3) future intangible costs … Continue reading LIRA in Criminal Cases