Tokarz Wins Major University Award

Karen Tokarz has been awarded the Virgil Ethic of Service Award at Washington University for the mediation program she started with her mediation clinic students.

As described by her colleague Robert Kuehn:

The award was given to Karen and her Civil Rights & Mediation Clinic students for their work over the past year in addressing the COVID-19 eviction crisis by providing Zoom mediations in pro se eviction court, initiating a pre-filing eviction mediation program in the community, and helping the courts develop computer access for litigants. This is Washington University’s highest public service award and is presented to university members who exemplify an exceptional character of service and engagement in the St. Louis region. 

Big congratulations to Karen for this important work !

Hat tip – Alyson Carrel

2 thoughts on “Tokarz Wins Major University Award”

    1. Hi Bobbi, Thanks much for your kind words. Hope all is well. We still miss you here in Missouri. Karen

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