Call for Student Essays About ODR

From Daniel Rainey by way of Amy Schmitz:

The next deadline for submission to the International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution is September 7, 2021, for Volume 8, Issue 2.

For that issue I would like to solicit essays by students in dispute resolution programs, law schools, and any other academic discipline where the use of technology to prevent, manage, settle, or resolve disputes is studied.

Although there is no hard word count target, essays between 5000 and 8000 words would be preferable.  Here’s the style guide for the journal.

Please tell the students in any classes you may teach about this opportunity, and relay this message to your colleagues who may be teaching in academic programs where students may be interested.

Essays should be emailed to me, in text format, not pdf.  I will strip identifying information from the manuscripts and circulate them to members of the editorial board for publication recommendations.

If you have any questions regarding the journal or this call for student papers, please feel free to contact me.

Daniel Rainey
Editor-In-Chief, International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution
(and lots of other things)

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