Want to Talk About Mediators Causing Impasses?

Respected mediator Michael Lang conducts monthly case consultation / reflective practice group sessions for the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution’s Mediation Committee.

The next one is on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 12:00-1:00 pm, ET, and focuses on mediators causing impasses.

Here’s the description of the program:

Have you noticed that most things written for mediators about impasse discuss what to do once it has happened?  Also, most of what’s written suggests that parties and/or their counsel are causing the impasse.  But, these authors never imply that the mediator could be the difficult person in the room?  What if it is the mediator who unwittingly helps the mediation collapse?  Possible?

Let’s see if there is something to learn.  Recall your last impasse.  When did you first think, this may end up in impasse — and why?

Click here to participate by zoom, meeting ID: 941 586 1083.

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